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Meet The Troupe



This troupe and show are her babies. She generally runs on 4 hours of sleep, a pinch of pixie dust, and enough whiskey to drown a man. Her favorite things are being warm enough to wear minimal clothing, always having something sweet to nibble, and waking up to realize she washed her face before she went to sleep!  She's not bossy; she just knows what you should be doing!



She's a rebel who mixes her dark laundry with her lights and never reads software licence agreements before clicking "accept". She's been dancing since she could walk and has no plans of ever stopping! Her favorite time of year is the 4 days in the middle of summer when it's actually nice and dreams of living someplace tropical and warm. Her favorite drink is black coffee because it's just like her - strong, bitter and too hot for you!



What can we say? Cold feet, warm heart! Elle is that girl who will *always* be there for you, no matter what. But…she will be late!Roughly 10 minutes or so. She loves her three incredible kids *fiercely*, and has only forgotten to pick up her middle child once or twice. Not bad!

Her favorite flower is a daisy, her favorite animal is a lion, and her favorite food is tequila. Please welcome, Elle!


Lady Jane

Our girl who’s both naughty & nice with hints of sugar and spice. She dances from coast to coast spreading her sparkle wherever she goes! She loves smoking in the jungle, going on hikes with her dogs, and sippin’ champagne on Sunday Fundays. Her nickname is “Heels” as she’s got a pair of shoes for every day of the year. If luck is a lady, she’s definitely our Lady Jane.



She responds to Flexy Meg, Bendy Meg, and Long Leg Meg! You can usually spot her in a crowd since she's roughly a head taller than most people. Meg takes naps like it's a professional sport. She sometimes catches an attitude, but is *usually* a ray of sunshine, and is ALWAYS ready to shake some ass!



While she loves nothing more than cozying up and spending quality time with her out when the lights go out, because this kitty's got claws and she's not afraid to use them! She's one feisty feline, and her hubby just can't keep his paws off of this kinky KittyCat!

(General warning: Please consult a doctor before use. Side effects include shortness of breathe, elevated heart rate, and a hint of fear.) Meowww!

What is Alice's After Dark?

Alice's After Dark is our spicy side.  Our burlesque troupe works exceptionally hard choreographing, rehearsing, and styling saucy and laughter-inducing shows for our 18 and older crowd.  The outfits are skimpy and sparkly.  The moves are seductive and silly.  The acrobatics and aerial feats are dazzling.  Come have a fun night out where you will be both titillated and tickled by our cast of characters!  

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Yes, she’ll full grown. She didn’t drink milk as a kid. She is never caught without a snack supply nearby. She’s a summer baby and will perish if left too cold. Don’t forget to water her 3 times a day.



She’s the ballerina turned burlesque dancer! Georgia loves spending hours at a time soaking in her hot tub during the winter and then sunbathing by the pool during the summer. Aside from relaxing, she loves to go out on the town and stay up late on the weekends! Hey there, Georgia!



As every burlesque Troup needs a token man, he took up the heavy burden of being harassed by a bounty of beautiful women. Rarely serious, often sarcastic, and wildly enthusiastic with whatever he does, his favorite things are irritating Alice, karaoke, and the spotlight!

Jackie body.jpg


Meet our newest member - Amethyst! She is ready to take the stage and show off her delicious dance skills. Put on any song and she will start to shimmy, making you want to get up and dance along with her. She may be short, but she packs in a ton of dynamic energy! Get ready to add busty and lusty to your regular Burlesque viewing pleasure!!


Miss Catherine

Our fiery emcee! Catherine knows all. She’s been around the block and can pour knowledge out on almost any topic. She’s sharp tongued and not afraid to hit you with the truth. But that’s why we love her – she keeps us in line and on our toes!



Our fabulous booze bunny graces our burlesque shows with her booty and beverages! While she’s a rookie, you can’t have her cookie During her free time she enjoys long walks on the beach with her lover. She'll be happy to serve you up some liquid love at each of our shows.  Cheers to you, Babs!



Andrew lives for the spotlight… not always in it, but definitely running it! He is our sound and lighting engineer. Whether it’s turning on music, lights, microphones, or women… If it can be turned on, he’s the man for the job!



Our sexy bartender runs off enough MaryJane to tranquilize an elephant, and that’s just his breakfast routine! You might also find him passed out alongside his favorite furry companion. He enjoys nothing more than days spent with his girls or shredding a mountain in fierce competition with himself. He never seems to remember who won, though!

Upcoming Shows:

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Saturday, May 18, 2024

All shows start at 8:00 PM
Doors and bar open at 7:00 and close at 11:00 

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