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Check out the class descriptions below and come see what you like!  We have so many fun classes to choose from.  ALL classes are open to any level student - beginners are always welcome!

*Please bring the shoes you will dance or workout in separately from what you walk in wearing!


Dance Fit is a class that combines dancing and aerobic exercise.  It uses choreographed moves to fun, upbeat songs that you know and love!  The choreography is simple and repetitive, so it is easy to follow.  The playlist for each class remains mostly the same each week so that over time, you learn the moves and it gets easier and more fun.  New songs are rotated in slowly so that songs and dances stay fresh and fun!  You will want a pair of sneakers for this class.


Stretch and Flexibility class will focus on stretching techniques to improve flexibility and mobility.  The class will concentrate on active flexibility, which improves the fitness of the muscles and the joints to tone and strengthen.  We generally do not wear shoes in this class.

yoga mats cobra.jpg

This class utilizes fundamental kickboxing skills. Students will learn various combinations of punches and kicks in an upbeat and fun atmosphere. Be prepared to be tired and sore after a high cardio workout!  Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, this class will improve your core strength, endurance, and balance.  It is also an excellent form of stress relief!  Sneakers or bare feet are recommended for this class.  We provide pads and gloves, however, we encourage you to get your own if you make this class a regular part of your workout routine!  Feel free to ask your instructor how to order your own!


Traditionally, Burlesque is a style of dance that combines sexuality and humor.  In this class, students will learn some saucy choreography.  It is an excellent class for anyone who wants to move and dance in a sexy, feminine, confident way!  At times, choreography may involve chairs or other props, but all moves are tailored to skill level, so absolutely anyone can participate and have a ball in this sassy class!  You can wear any shoes you are comfortable dancing in to this class, or no shoes at all.  They do not have to be heels, but if that's your jam - go for it!


Pole dance can be an extremely intense, strength-building, fun workout. This class will introduce you to moving around the pole and will begin building your core and upper arm strength so that you can do amazing acrobatic things! Absolutely anyone can do pole, because there are so many different levels of movement involved. Plus, your confidence level will soar as you build more and more strength!  


If you're looking to drip sweat and work harder than you ever thought you could, look no further!  This class turns workouts into games.  We use playing cards, dice, the alphabet, and as many other ways as we can find to be creative with our workouts.  It's a lot of hard work wrapped up in a fun, game-inspired atmosphere. Come play!


Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class - combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. Barre also focuses on high reps of small range movements.

Spin pole is just like regular pole fitness, except the poles are set to spin! This class is also open to all levels including beginners!  Spin pole is a lot about making beautiful shapes while spinning.  We'll also give you tips and tricks for not getting too dizzy :)

As with all pole classes, the more skin the better, so bike shorts and sports bras or tank tops are best.


In this class, you will create various rhythmic patterns with your feet.  No experience necessary - we will start with the basics.  You will learn technique, choreography, and more.  Please bring your own tap shoes.  If you are waiting on them, socks will be okay!


This class is Dance Fit kicked up a notch!  Erica will often use weights, chairs, and body weight exercises in addition to high energy dancing to really work you out thoroughly.  Be prepared to sweat.  It's a great way to get some more variety in your workouts!

This class is set up in three parts that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping, build muscle, and develop your skills.  First is the warmup, which will get your body moving, increase your heart rate, and build endurance. Next up is our high intensity rounds that will combine punches and kicks to burn the maximum number of calories. The class will end with drills that will continue to improve your strength, technique, and stamina.  

In this class, we mix a little  stretch and a little acro.  We start with some nice stretches to open us up.  Then we work on some different poses varying in levels of difficulty.  And we end with a few stretches to send you on your way happy and relaxed.  

 *Leggings are preferable for silks classes.

Silks classes are open to all -

any age; any level. 

Beginners welcome!


This class will focus more on self defense than kickboxing, but will use elements of both.  In this class, self defense against attacks, both with weapons and without, will also play a significant role, so that you can learn various ways to overcome an attack.

This is a  time when the studio is open for those who would like to come in and work on pole, silks, or other dancing on their own.  This is not an instructional time, but Alice will be there to offer assistance when needed.

This is not so much a class, as a time for you to get more personalized instruction from Alice.  These sessions are for 1, 2, or 3 people, but no more than three.  The cost is $60, so if it's one person, they would pay the full amount, two people could split it in half, and three people could split it in thirds.  Only one person can sign up for the session, so whoever signs up will pay the studio and others who join can determine how to compensate the one who reserved it.

Toddler time is a 40 minute class designed to let the little ones run around, dance, play, and get all their wiggles out!  We have ribbons, mats for tumbling, blocks, and all sorts of fun things they'll love to play with.


Host your own private party with friends!  You choose what kind of party you'd like - pole, silks, burlesque, dance fit, self defense, kickboxing, or a combination of two!  We have set times on Saturdays and Sundays that you can book immediately, or if you'd like to set your own time, simply email, text, or call to schedule!


One on One Lessons

Private Sessions

Would you like some more time to learn?  Then book a private session!  We offer 30 minute sessions for $30 and 60 minute sessions for $60.   Please email, call, or message us, so we can set up a time that works for you!

pole 2.jpg
pole 1.jpg

Private Events

Children's Parties

Looking for a fun way to celebrate? Come to Alice's Fitness and Dance, and let us entertain!  We will spend 30 minutes doing a fun movement class with all the kids at the party, and then we will have 30 minutes for cake and presents and story time if desired!  

(You supply the cake and any beverages you'd like to bring).


Pole and/or Aerial Silks Parties

Want to throw a different, but super fun birthday or bachelorette party?  How about just an incredible girls day/night? This is your spot!  Book a pole party and learn some pole basics, spins, moves, and even a little combination or two!  Or choose to have an aerial silks party.  Open up with a little stretching and learn how to get into a few simple positions that look and feel amazing! Either way you go, it's an hour of fun doing something outside of the ordinary. Price is for up to 8 people.


Team Building

Do you have a business and are looking for something that will boost team building among your employees?  We have you covered! You choose what you want your event to include: Dance Fit, Kickboxing, Self Defense, Burlesque, Stretching, Core Conditioning.  Mix and match any two, and we will give you an awesome hour long team building event with 30 minutes of each.   Up to 10 people.


Private Event Space/Studio Rental

If you have something in mind that you'd like to organize either at our studio or with one of our instructors, please let us know! We are happy to meet your needs in whatever ways we can!

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